Bio-Form has been selected into the new third 

Release time:2018-05-26 11:30

Bio-Form has been selected into the new third board innovation level for two consecutive years, ranking the forefront! On May 25, the company released the official list of the third innovation layer. Bio-Form, together with well-known companies such as shenzhou youche and huaqiang fonte, was selected as one of the 940 companies entering the new third board innovation level.



What is the innovation layer of the new third board?



"Innovation", refers to according to the relevant provisions of the new three board layered system, all the shares transfer system will be in the new three board listed company, is divided into two level innovation layer and base layer, different standards of listed companies incorporated in the innovation management layer and base layer.


What's the role of being the innovation layer of the new third board?



Through internal layer, can be in trade system, distribution system, and the requirements of information disclosure system, such as supply side, for the arrangement of the differentiation, to eventually achieve the goal of sustained and healthy development of the new three board market.


Since last year, be a part of innovation layer, Bio-Form in water pollution control, ecological restoration, soil restoration, aquaculture, household cleaning, aquatic conservation, ecological agriculture and other fields has been adhere to the road of specialization, steadfast, efforts to develop. The inclusion is undoubtedly capital markets to Bio-Form inspection and must be in the past year development, further laid the Bio-Form biological environmental protection science and technology national brand leadership, encouraged Bio-Form straight ahead.


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