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Release time:2018-06-21 11:35
On June 19, the China environmental protection industry association released the 10th batch of credit rating results of enterprises in China's environmental protection industry.Bvafeng and 46 enterprises including Beijing jingcheng environmental protection and Beijing clean environment were rated as AAA credit enterprises.


In order to promote credit system construction of environmental protection industry industry, improve industry enterprise credit consciousness, enhance the level of self-discipline, standardize the industry internal competition order, promote the healthy development of the industry, China's environmental protection industry association in the first nine of credit rating evaluation carried out across the country on the basis of the first ten group of credit rating evaluation.

Bio-Form makes a declaration to start in August 2017, with years of credit management achievements and the recognition of the industry, through layers of strict selection, Bio-Form caught the attention of the height of the national team.In May 2018, a group of experts led by Han Wei, vice President of China environmental protection industry association, visited Bio-Form for research and investigation. The Bio-Form declaration team reports the application materials carefully and responds in detail to various questions raised by the expert group, and forms active interaction with the expert group.The achievements of Bv in the industry are highly appreciated by the expert group.

▲The Bio-Form declaration team reports the materials carefully
In the end, by the environmental protection industry association of China credit evaluation office and credit evaluation expert committee on strict evaluation, through the association of credit evaluation committee review, Bio-Form was rated as the tenth batch of China's environmental protection industry industry "the enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise", obtained the highest level of environmental protection industry credit rating evaluation. The evaluation result of this time is the affirmation of the company's integrity. It further established the leading position of the national brand of Bio-Form biotechnology and environmental protection technology.

▲Han wei, vice President of China environmental protection industry association, led a team of experts to visit.
Bio-Form will continue to improve own construction, adhere to honest and trustworthy, abide by national laws and regulations and actively fulfill the social responsibility, the enterprise good faith construction plays a leading and credit management, to build honest and trustworthy, fair competition market environment, promote the industry and make positive contribution to the social credit system construction.

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