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Release time:2018-08-27 11:53
On the morning of June 25, Bio-Form and the school of environmental science and engineering of Shanxi University of Science and Technology held the signing ceremony of industry-university-research cooperation and off-campus practice base. 

Shanxi university of science and technology was founded in Beijing in 1958 (when the Beijing institute of light industry), is China's first light industry of institutions of higher learning, 1970 moved to shanxi, is the national "Midwestern university foundation ability construction project" construction of colleges and universities, is the "twelfth five-year" key construction of shaanxi province during the period of high level university. Environmental science and engineering college environmental engineering, established in 2001 after more than ten years of development has now become a school serving local economy and the development of the industry characteristics, the existing bachelor, master, doctor and degree.


Signing ceremony

Bio-Form in biological environmental protection technology to solve the problem of environmental pollution, through the power of nature in the country take the lead in biological science and technology as the core technology for environmental pollution control, Bio-Form jointly with the Shanxi University of Science and Technology in the aspect of talent cultivation by concept and hand in hand cooperation, Bio-Form aims to help the school development and professional high-quality personnel training, promote the talent training plan, encourage students study hard, love the professional, in-depth study, encourage professional academic innovation and breakthrough, the two sides made the "green wefound talents cultivation plan".


Secretary Li Guangming issued a plaque to Bio-Form for the cooperation between industry, education and research and the off-campus practice base

President of Bio-Form group, general manager of Bio-Form north branch, general manager of Bio-Form north branch, technical director of Bio-Form north branch Chen Jiufeng and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Signing ceremony in  Shanxi with  Cheng tao, vice President of the college of environmental science and engineering was held under the auspices of, party secretary of Shanxi University of Science and Technology institute of environmental science and engineering guang-ming li attended the signing ceremony and lead the college leadership and wefound group President Fan Depeng on-site signing.


On behalf of the university, secretary Li Guangming awarded the visiting professor certificate to President Fan Depeng

The university-enterprise cooperation Fan Depeng President was employed as a visiting professor at the university of science and technology, shaanxi in the signing ceremony guang-ming li secretary Fan Depeng President visiting professor of certificate on behalf of the school direction and production-teaching-research combination tablet and off-campus practice base. After the signing ceremony, President van der bair was invited to give a keynote speech on the application of biotechnology in environmental restoration to the faculty and students of the school of environmental science and engineering. Fei President through vivid language expression, from the essence and the way to solve the environmental problems, to the principle of biological technology, the rich practical cases, dry full of wonderful lecture attracted all the teachers and students seriously listen to and appreciation.


President Fan Depeng gave a keynote speech

President Fan Depeng interacts with teachers and students of Shanxi University of Science and Technology

Bio-Form and the Shanxi University of Science and Technology talents training cooperation plans fall to the ground, for the Bio-Form the western market development strategy laid the foundation of talent training, for Bio-Form quickly occupied the western markets provide strong support of talents strategy Stock information

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